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Whilst I feel there is a rising level of voices calling for reform (in Aotearoa/NZ & around the world).. there are still quite a chorus of ‘Status Quo’ ONLY, inc. this opinion piece (some lines) from an online news site (Stuff NZ) titled: Legalising cannabis ‘not in the public interest’

‘If a referendum was held on legalising cannabis for personal use, would you support it? You’d have to be off your scone.’

‘The New Zealand Drug Foundation (NZDF) has been crowing about the results of its self-selecting poll, indicating broad public support for decriminalising cannabis for personal use.’

‘The NZDF has steadily become a strident proponent for law reform, to the point that they now sound more like glorified pushers, campaigning for “the removal of criminal penalties for drug use, possession and social supply.” ‘

‘(Prime Minister) deserves credit for doubling down and refusing to budge.’

‘As does the Labour Party, despite momentarily flirting with the notion of a referendum recently’

‘Unsurprisingly, the Green Party, which has long been over-populated by potheads, is itching for grow-your-own personal supply to be legalised.’

‘The NZDF argues it’s a complete waste of “hundreds of thousands of police hours” trying to enforce the law, criminalising and imprisoning Kiwis for low-level possession.’

‘Just because tens of thousands of Kiwis choose to smoke dope in defiance of the law, is not a compelling reason to legitimatise their lifestyle. Forty-two per cent of front line police officer hours are consumed on dealing to family violence.‘ (a large portion relating from Alcohol overuse)

‘If you apply the extreme, absurd and self-serving logic of the legalise lobby, the police should surrender to family violence too, because so many Kiwis are indulging in this sick and twisted national sport.’

‘Two per cent of Kiwis have graduated from the gateway drug of cannabis to become meth-heads. Should we adopt a similarly defeatist attitude to methamphetamine’s legal status too ?’

‘Being charged for possession generally only comes about as a consequence of being arrested for higher-level offending, like burglary.’ (B-S.. the police apparently spend about 25-30% of their time, on the ‘WAR on DRUGS’ in NZ)

‘The other great myth peddled by the legalisation lobby is that cannabis use is a victimless crime.’

‘And we’re all paying the price for cannabis dependence through its devastating impact on mental health.’

‘The insidious prevalence of cannabis-induced schizophrenia, psychosis, depression and anxiety is undeniable. As is slothfulness.’

‘Of the 200,000 working-age and able bodied Kiwis drawing a benefit, what proportion would rather have a joint, than a job ?’

‘Globally, it’s been a long-established ploy by the likes of NORML (the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) to cynically hitch medical marijuana to the same wagon as recreational drug use, to soften up the public to complete capitulation.’

** IMHO: Whilst I agree that most people on both sides of the debate, do tend to look for rhetoric or reports that fit their agenda.. ignoring the facts or pushing this total garbage, is just plain wrong. Methinks he has been watching ‘Reefer Madness’ too many times OR he is a member of the ‘Prohibition only lobby’ (Police, courts etc. OR Big Alcohol/Tobacco/Pharma etc. ?) OR perhaps linked to/or a member of the current Govt. who also have a ‘status quo ONLY’ agenda ! 😦

** Again notice his use of the ‘M’ word as a way of pinning negativity to the issues

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