Clear message

I watched a documentary last evening, titled: ‘How to make money selling Drugs’ (made in USA).. it highlighted the majority of issues around the WAR on Drugs & all the misinformation around it:

1) the massive black-market that has arisen from the blanket prohibition of every other drug, besides Alcohol & Tobacco

2) the massive ramping of funding to ‘fight the Drug war’ (started under Nixon & increased under Reagan & Bush Snr. etc.), mostly poured into LAW ENFORCEMENT, as opposed to Education, treatment etc.

3) the ‘Actions’ of police, inc. planting drugs to secure a prosecution, theft of money & drugs (corruption) & use of other ‘illegal practices’ in the Drug War eg. warrant-less property, vehicle & personal searches, just ‘on suspicion’.

4) they interviewed an ex-Cop, who had been a ‘champion of prohibition’, until he actually tried cannabis & later met & married a ‘dealer’. He now works at the forefront of exposing all the misinformation & corrupt practices etc.

5) they interviewed a cocaine dealer, who stated that he went to Mexico with $500 & as a result of ‘black-market activity’ turned it into many $1000s by selling cocaine, in smaller, less pure (cut) deals on the streets in USA. Regardless of the B-S; ‘illegal drug use’ is not declining & is actually still rising, under prohibition (spec. Black-markets).

6) they showed old footage of gangsters etc. in the ‘bad old days’ of alcohol prohibition & how the likes of Harry Anslinger (1st USA ‘DRUG CZAR’), moved the focus onto cannabis (aka ‘marijuana’) & ramped it up to the totally ridiculous stage we see today. The global ‘WAR on DRUGS !!!’

7) more recent moves to step back from prohibition, inc. LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition); a group of ex-cops, judges etc. who oppose the current regime & now work to educate the public on it.

8) it pointed out the other side, the legal drugs: Alcohol & Tobacco, which are widely recognised as the ‘MOST HARMFUL’ resp. for 1000s (perhaps millions) of deaths annually.

9) they showed how most of the currently illegal drugs, were once all legal & used in a raft of products, medicines etc.: Heroin/opiates (medicine), Coca/cocaine (cola drinks) cannabis (both medicinal & recreational use) amphetamines (medicines) etc. etc.

* BUT it made it clear, that the whole issue has shaped our modern world & created these industries on ‘both sides of the divide’ that massively profit (financially & employment-wise) from this Drug war; Police, Courts, Prisons & the BLACK-MARKET gangsters, dealers etc.

** The doco. closed by sending the CLEAR MESSAGE, of the effects that the WAR on Drugs is having.. it has done almost nothing to reduce ‘drug-related harm’ or supply & in fact has mostly had the opposite effect.. oh yes & most people involved, know ‘how to make money selling drugs !’

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