Doc. comments

I read that the Doctor who taught a course, at Uni. of Otago (Drugs & society), that I attended, has made some comments (a local newspaper) on current NZ drug laws.. here is a flavour of the piece titled ‘Cannabis winds of change’:

‘NZ drug policy in general & particularly that relating to cannabis, easily our most popular illegal drug is deserving of careful consideration’

He was pleased to read that the local Govt. MP has said he is looking at all sides of the issue.. but sounded a warning on possible action, happening, any time soon.

‘Increasingly we see media attention highlighting debate on the place of cannabis in contemporary society’

‘Comparing internationally, our per capita use of cannabis is amongst the world’s highest !

‘Ministry of health research.. 400,000 kiwis; 42% claim its partially/wholly medicinal

He mentions the recent case of an american-kiwi who legally brought 4 ounces of herb (medicinal only) from Hawaii to Aotearoa

There is a research grant at Auckland Uni. to investigate cannabis, for treating brain cancer

He also highlights the Govt. misinfo. put out around ‘synthetic cannabis’ & IF natural cannabis was available; this market would be an irrelevance

**the fact that personal use has been allowed in the Netherlands for about 40 years (whilst much of the world were at WAR !!)

The Doctor is intending to continue his research into cannabis, esp. Medicinal use.. “Ka pai, Good onya Dr. Geoff”

addendum.. I have been informed that ‘Geoff is not a Prof.’ so i have amended the post accordingly

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