don’t believe the B-S

…here’s my message to those, who still think prohibition is the only possible solution to ‘illegal drug use’ (spec. herbz).. ‘Please don’t believe ALL the B-S’.. Cannabis (aka ‘marijuana’) does not cause/create:

1) mass insanity

2) a gateway, that leads ALL tokers to become heroin addicts

3) blood-lust (as was once claimed)

4) the plant ‘with it’s roots in hell’

5) ‘reefer madness’

6) everyone who smells the smoke, to become a ‘MAD pot-smoker’

BUT it has caused:

7) black-market gangsters

8) corrupt police & ‘officials’

9) a ‘druggies V cops’ society

10) Distrust between those on ‘the right side’ (of the law ?) & ‘the rest’

11) a ‘mystique’ that only attracts.. rebellious youth

another short rant from Z&I :/

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