unexpected news

I heard a recent media TV comment; one of the biggest hurdles to possible law reform in Aotearoa/NZ, is likely the Maori Party (indigenous Aotearoa).. as there are some real negative stats, amongst their people (reportedly ?) High use rates, problematic use, high arrest & imprisonment etc.

I was thinking the best way to deal with this; offer Maori tribal groups a Govt. license to grow, prepare & distribute the herb to ‘coffeeshops’ & ‘smoking clubs’ under a legal-regultion model. It would give their elders (kaumatua/kuia) some say into the rules & their concerns. It would also give the locals; employment options (n.b. no smoking at work or in work areas/place !!).. inc. Hemp & ‘non-marijuana’ alternative uses for the plant ! 🙂

A recent report highlighted that cannabis law reform could see $400mil going from law enforcement to other options ie health care, treatment, education & policing the regulated rules (age limits etc.) only.. also it said about $150mil could be raised in potential taxes, which a portion, could go to work programs, Marae projects for Iwi/maori

‘He Rongoa o Aotearoa’ 😀 (herbal therapeutic plant)

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