village visit

I watched a current affairs item on TV recently.. they visited the old settlement/village of Jerusalem in the North Island.. they mentioned that the settlement was revitalised by one; Mother Mary Joseph (Suzanne) Aubert, a french catholic nun in 19th century Aotearoa. The village is ‘along the Whanganui river/Awa’.

They interviewed two local nuns, still employed at the church & surrounding area. One said, that the place has a real tourism attraction about it. She said they often got visitors from Asia, USA, Europe & even from Dunedin/Otepoti in South Island & Te Tai Tokerau in the top of the north..

The one thing that was not mentioned; the historical evidence/reports that Mother Mary grew medicinal/therapeutic cannabis (prior to prohibition) & prepared commercial oils, balms etc. from the herb & other traditional indigenous herbs/plants (rongoa). She reportedly recommended use of the buds to other nuns to relieve their ‘women’s pains’ (menstrual).. as did Queen Victoria/Wikitoria.. šŸ˜€

btw; one place I’d like to visit, one day ? I’ll let youz know… šŸ™‚

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