Busted in Bali.. in brief

I see on the TV news, that a NZ woman has very recently been arrested at Denpasar airport (in Bali, Indonesia), on a flight from Australia. The report stated that the woman was arrested, when airport customs officers suspected the woman was ‘high on drugs’ when she arrived.. being very loud & talkative. They apparently found 0.4 grams of ‘Crystal meth’ in her possession.

Under Indonesian law she could face either, a very large fine or even a jail sentence up to 14 years. They said that, had she had over 5 grams of the ‘drug’, she could even potentially face the DEATH penalty.

Indonesia has some of the harshest/draconian drug laws, in the world; they highlighted Australian woman (S. Corby) who is now on parole after serving 9 years of a 20 year sentence, after being convicted for importing about 4kgs of cannabis (which she always claimed was planted in her luggage).. also a NZ man who was sentenced (still serving 15 years) for importing over 1.5kg of Meth. He also said it was planted in his bag, by an online dating site group in China, that he was involved with. In both these cases, they could both have potentially faced the death penalty !!

I await further news on this most recent case.. :/

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