Misuse Misinfo.

I downloaded the ‘Misuse of drugs act 1975’ (still current law) some years ago.. & having looked through it on a few occasions, a few things strike me, that are effectively MISINFORMATION :

1) this legal act, is Aotearoa/NZ’s responses to the UN single convention on narcotic drugs 1961.. yet under the UN convention, medicinal & scientific uses are supposedly exempt from any bans. Under the MODA 1975, there is a general perception that all drugs listed are totally prohibited/banned. BUT, if you read section 8 of the act, there are clear exemptions, for medicinal uses (inc. cannabis) this has only very recently been highlighted.

2) the fact that the act is called ‘the MISUSE of drugs act’ almost suggests that the drugs listed, cannot be USED (sensibly or otherwise) but only ‘misused’

3) there is also a general perception, that (opposite to other legal matters) the majority of ‘misusers of drugs in NZ’ are GUILTY until/unless proven innocent !

4) the drugs in the schedules are listed as Class A,B,C & precursors (based on apparent levels of harm).. BUT in the minds of most in the general populous, they are all just widely seen as; ILLEGAL DRUGS.. often thought of/promoted as essentially having the same level of harm & addiction regardless of the reality

5) the two most harmful ‘legal Drugs’ (alcohol & nicotine) are not even considered in the same light : Harmful & therefore only being ‘Misused’

6) there is also a perception that all drugs in the MODA 1975, are to be dealt with by ZERO-tolerance; arrest, prosecute & punish.. its only been in fairly recent times that this has been challenged/reviewed.. with wider calls for law reform

7) in regard to cannabis, all forms of the plant were classified as ‘an illegal drug’ until an amendment was passed in 2006, to allow a very strict licensing of; Industrial Hemp. BUT under the UN convention, specific industrial uses, were also supposedly exempt from any bans.
The act does talk about the use of the plant, if the ‘active ingredients’ are removed.. BUT this has been proved to be economically not viable. This has now been stated as being legal, only if below a certain percentage (less than 0.3% THC for hemp).. as if they think the leaves/buds would be sold to the illegal blackmarket ?

8) of course the main point of ‘drug misinformation’ (general perception ?) is that these DRUGS have always been illegal.. when in fact this is totally untrue. Cannabis, Opium & Coca (the ‘big 3’) were all used quite legally prior to the 20th century, for their medicinal, industrial & personal/recreational properties

There is an old saying; if you repeat something often enough.. the vast majority will start to believe it (even if its total B-S/misinfo.) 😦

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