Stolen medicine

I read that a woman in Christchurch NZ returned home, to find that her ‘medicine’ had been stolen.. (Cannabis). The 49-year-old woman is apparently appealing to the thieves/thief to return it (but that’s highly unlikely) !

The report states:

‘For six years, (the lady) has suffered chronic debilitating foot and leg pain after a terrible car accident. Two years ago she started smoking marijuana as an alternative to opiate-based painkillers.’

“Other drugs upset my system so badly. I have tried all the pills, none of them agree with me. Tramadol put me in hospital, damaged my pancreas. I rely on cannabis – it’s the only thing that doesn’t upset me.”

‘After learning about the pain-relieving properties of marijuana, she asked “the acquaintance of a friend” to instruct her in the ways of marijuana cultivation.’

‘(the lady), a former medical sales rep, has been growing six plants at a time.’

“I don’t supply it for anyone I just grow it for me.”

‘On Thursday afternoon (she) went to her little shed in the backyard to find the door open and 300g of cannabis missing.’

“I went in there and my heart dropped.”

‘It had just been harvested and was hanging up to dry. In two days it would have been ready to use.’

‘(the lady) developed the neurological condition Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, following surgery. It is characterised by prolonged and excessive pain.’

‘(she) says she smokes about one “tinny” daily. She claims she’s not addicted and doesn’t get “stoned” just taking “little puffs” on her pipe all day, to keep the pain at bay.’

“I need numbness to be able to walk. I have no padding on the bottom of my left foot.”

‘A mother of four, (she) says her kids fully approve of their mum’s illicit medicine.’

“They’ve seen me on pills and they’ve seen me on marijuana. They prefer cannabis. I can do things with them. And I can talk to them.”

‘Campaigners have been calling on the Government for some time to provide safe legal access to cannabis-based pain relief.’

“Legitimate and high-needs patients such as (this lady) are forced to go to the black-market by the high bar for access of a comparatively safe analgesic,” says (a spokesperson) from Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand.

“The alternative to the black-market is taking the issue of supply into your own hands, which carries its own risks, as demonstrated by the situation (she) finds herself in.”

‘But (she) doesn’t feel she has any recourse to the law.’
I can’t go to police. There’s nothing we can do legally, absolutely nothing.” she said..

** This again just highlights how totally ridiculous & outdated the Drug laws, really are in Aotearoa/NZ.. spec. relating to Medicinal/therapeutic uses of cannabis ! 😦

Its time that GP doctors could prescribe the ‘natural herb’ to their patients, who would benefit from it. They should NOT have to break the law or rely on the black-market for their pain relief.

addendum: link to Medical Cannabis awareness NZ..

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