priorities ?

I hear that the NZ Police exec. & minister are saying that they need to look at their priorities.. the resolution rate for ‘break & enter’ house robberies are now, at an all time LOW.. less than 20% of cases, ever being resolved.. the thief/thieves, actually being caught/arrested. I even read that many robbery reports are not even attended, by police.. saying “we are too busy”.
BUT at the top of their priority list; it still appears to be: the ‘WAR on weed’ (over $400mil/year spent on it).

I have even heard stories of Police going to a ‘crime scene’ to investigate a house break-in.. BUT then invoking a ‘warrant-less search’ under the Misuse of Drug Act (MODA 1975), just because they say “I can smell DRUGS/weed”. This then potentially, turns the ‘victim of crime’ into a CRIMINAL (for ‘drug possession’).

I for one (plus many others ?), think it is time.. they definitely got their ‘Priorities In Order’ 😦

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