Strange remarks

I see on Al Jazeera (Int’l news) that USA President Obama, has cancelled a meeting with the new Philippines President Duterte.. after it was reported that Duterte took offence at comments about his new policy on the Drug War, that has seen 1000s of users & dealers apparently gunned down by Police & ‘hired executioners’, in the latest crackdowns.

Duterte reportedly said Obama has no right to lecture him on the issue.. then reportedly called Obama a ‘SON OF A WHORE’.. very strange remarks from a ‘head of state’ !

Of course, looking at it from another perspective; it was the USA that led the Global ‘War on Drugs’, that started this nonsense. Chances are; more Americans have died or been imprisoned in this war, than in any other country ?

BUT it seems that many Asian countries have now pushed it to the extreme.. still promoting the death penalty, for what many OECD countries, now see as a ‘minor criminal activity’. 😦

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