what an insult to kiwis

I read that the NZ Prime minister has allegedly stated that many ‘foreign workers’ are being issues work visas, because.. many kiwis are not suitable, as a result of failing ‘workplace drug tests’. In recent years, many employers have jumped on the bandwagon of demanding new employees, pass one of these tests, prior to being employed.. regardless of the job requirements; driving or using heavy equipment, was once the usual standard (similar to alcohol) BUT no longer.

The report points out:

‘Cannabis testing is keeping skilled New Zealanders out of the workplace even if the cannabis is used in their own private time or for medical reasons.’

‘New Zealand must rely on foreign workers because too many locals are on drugs prime minister (name removed) said.’

‘Defending the nation’s record migrant intake, (the PM) said New Zealand needed to import workers – even for low-skilled jobs – because not all locals were suitable.’

‘He said the government had been looking to reducing its importation of workers from Pacific island nations to pick fruit but farmers did not want to rely on the local unemployed population.’

“Go and ask the employers, and they will say some of these people won’t pass a drug test… some of these people will claim they have health issues later on,” he told Radio New Zealand.

“So it’s not to say there aren’t great people who transition … to work, they do, but it’s equally true that… they just can’t muster what is required to actually work.”

A Union leader called the P.M.s comments ‘A Political Stunt’ (I agree 100%)

* But just to clarify this, from my point of view:

1) These ‘Drug tests’ (urine) can apparently detect the presence of THC or other cannabinoids for up to several weeks after ingestion. Obviously this does not prove the person was intoxicated at the time.. just that they had been in some kind of ‘contact’ with the drug (even perhaps second-hand smoke). BUT this is apparently sufficient to give a FAIL on the test !

2) Aotearoa/NZ under this Govt. has seen wages slide to an all time low. We are being seen by many other OECD countries, as a ‘Low wage economy’

3) Many of these ‘foreign workers’ are coming here from the Pacific Islands, Asia & India, where wages are often even lower. Many employers are happy to see this situation, as it reduces costs & increases their company profits.

4) This Right-wing Govt. & many employers are clearly just using ‘DRUG tests’ as an excuse to exclude ‘KIWI workers’ (who likely expect to get above the MINIMUM wage) from many ‘low-skilled jobs’. Aotearoa/NZ has some of the most draconian, legal attitudes to cannabis.. BUT amongst the highest levels of use, in the world according to recent UN reports.

5) As long as this Govt. continues to push their effective ZERO-tolerance approach to ‘Drugs’.. they can continue to effectively treat, kiwis (who test positive) as ‘second-class citizens’.. unemployable, regardless of the TRUTH ! 😦

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