Frontlines.. in brief

I hear a few recent news items (from the frontlines of the Drug war):

1) The NZ prison muster (inmates) is set to reach 10,000 (highest level).. when questioned by the media, the Police/Corrections minister just said “we have no intention of releasing a load of Meth cooks/(producers/dealers)”. BUT; I also read that over 1,000 are ‘cannabis convicts’ too. This just confirms their ‘TOUGH ON DRUGS stance’.. often a higher priority than other violent crimes & house robbery etc..

2) Several recent media reports, show that NZ Police are actually implementing defacto ‘decrim. of cannabis use’.. with arrests rates in recent years at less than half the numbers in past decades. They are apparently ‘turning a blind eye’ to small amounts & giving warnings to adults, instead of ENFORCING the actual law (ie zero-tolerance). Again; this is likely due to a focus on stopping cultivation, manufacture & supply. The main issue being; the Govt. refuse to reform the actual law (decrim. or regulate cannabis, as in other OECD countries) !

3) There is a real increase in the availability & use of ‘Meth/P’.. allegations that the recent lowering of visa restrictions to Chinese ‘business people’ could well be contributing to this. The reports are that, most of the precursors to make the drug, come from Guangzhou province ?
This was recently been confirmed, when a chinese national was arrested with 25kgs of ‘ephedrine’ & was sentenced to 8 years jail. The other allegation being; the ‘proceeds of this increased DRUG crime’ are being openly ‘laundered’ through a newly opened Casino in Auckland (NZ biggest city).

btw; the Govt. recent visa relaxations, HAVE effectively opened the floodgates to Organised Crime from Asia. I hear they are tapping into the local suppliers/dealer networks, to move it on the streets ? 😦

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