Protest days

I attended a local ‘March for Democracy’ protest yesterday, in the city centre (The Octagon). It was a combined protest action, by Environmental groups, anti-TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, trade deal), Climate change activists & other political groups (mostly of the Left).. BUT also a few Cannabis law reformers too !

I now read that next week, a group of kiwi Cannabis activists are calling on all fellow Cannabis Law reformer & activists in Aotearoa/NZ, to assemble outside their local police stations (at 420 ?) & call for a ‘moratorium on arresting us’ (the ‘weedy/herby folk’ of Aotearoa/NZ).

I read these statements from a press release:

‘Nationwide protests will erupt across New Zealand on September 17th to highlight unjust cannabis laws.’

‘Thirteen towns and cities around the country will hold protest rallies calling for a moratorium of cannabis related arrests.’

‘Protest organiser (Rose) said the protests will target police.’

“The cannabis community have had enough of the treatment and hardship that they have had to endure, due to police enforcement of cannabis prohibition,” she said.

“On behalf of NZ we ask for an immediate moratorium on cannabis arrests, prosecutions and ongoing investigations and the granting of an amnesty for those currently growing.”

‘The protest is a peaceful, non-aggressive gathering of like-minded citizens who wish to stand and be counted for cannabis use and are calling for a moratorium on cannabis prosecutions.’

*For more info:*

I too, call on all kiwis to join the ‘day of action’, in their local area.. OR if none are formally organised, maybe youz could start one 🙂

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