Customs NaZi

I just watched the latest episode of ‘Border Patrol’ (filmed at NZ customs-Auckland Int’l Airport).. two cases caught my attention:

1) a young American man, who admitted he was employed in California, as a legal ‘Medicinal cannabis grower’. As a result of his admission & a few comments that he thought NZ should follow suit, he had all his luggage thoroughly searched; nothing was found. They then took him for an ‘interrogation’ about his possible use in Aotearoa/NZ. He stated that even though he used medicinal cannabis regularly in USA (legally), he had no intention to do likewise here. The customs officer (sitting on her ‘high horse’) said she did not believe him.. his one year travel visa was subsequently cancelled & he was put on a return flight, back to USA !

2) a young couple travelling on EU/British passports, were detained as the man was ‘sniffed at’ by a drug dog. He too were thoroughly searched; nothing found. They assured the customs, that the lady had nothing illegal. The man was also ‘interrogated’ by a SENIOR customs officer (who called cannabis; “WEED” – unprofessional) He admitted having used ‘weed’ & MDMA, BUT also stated he had no intention of using ‘illegal drugs’ whilst in Aotearoa/NZ. Again the customs officer, did not believe him & both the couple visas were cancelled. They were put on the next available flight out of the country, to their next holiday destination (in the Pacific Islands). The man was advised by customs, that he was now on a watch list & may no longer be able to get an entry visa, back to NZ in the future.

I watched the ‘body language’ of these NZ customs officers (‘just doing their jobs’) & they appeared to get ‘a bit of a power thrill’ from acting this way (IMHO).. so I warn anyone from a country that has ‘more relaxed drug laws’ (than effective ZERO-TOLERANCE) to beware our ‘Customs NaZis’ if you are intending to come to Aotearoa/NZ; to ensure you are not carrying ANY illegal drugs (even a seed) OR to mention anything to the Customs officers, that may implicate you too.. else you may suffer the same fate, as these 3 people above.. at least as long as this current Govt. & laws are in place ! 😦

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