Drug(ged) Dog

I read a news item; that a hungry Chihuahua, ate a cannabis cookie.. the report says:

‘Peanut the dog tucked into the cookie stash after becoming peckish but little did he know they were laced with weed.’

‘The cookies belonged to an ‘overnight guest’ who stashed the Cannabis treats inside a duffel bag.’

‘But after the peckish pooch dug one out of the bag he enjoyed something of a high following the sudden intake of THC.’

‘The dog enjoyed a high after eating the weed laced cookie’

BUT the dog was ‘treated’ :

‘Lucky for him the vets were able to treat him with charcoal, and after about 10 hours he was totally fine.’

“He actually dug it out of a duffel bag. Had to work hard to get it. It was the cookie he was after, not the weed.”

“He was pretty normal by the time we got him home.”

Poor hound.. my dog tends to sit in the corner, IF any illegal weed is being consumed nearby 😀

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