Protests outside Cop-shops

I read that NZ Police are ready for planned protests this coming saturday (17/9/16).. outside Police stations (Cop-shops) across Aotearoa/NZ. I read that this has been initiated by an activist, whose son was finally approved ‘Elixinol’ (CBD oil) last year as a final attempt to treat his epileptic seizures.. BUT it was ‘Too Little, Too Late !!’

The local newspaper reports:

‘Police will be at the ready to deal with any trouble as a pro-cannabis protest organiser offers free ‘protest joints’ to those who join a legalise-cannabis demonstration outside the Oamaru police station this Saturday.’

‘The protest is part of nationwide action planned by people wanting an end to criminal penalties for cannabis possession.’

Then this:

‘In an emailed statement police command and emergency management manager Inspector (name removed), said police respected people’s right to lawfully protest.

‘Police were aware of the planned protest action, and would have the ‘appropriate police resources’ at each event across the country to deal with any issues that might arise, he said.’

‘Police as an organisation is well practised in dealing with these events, and our staff will work to ensure an effective response is provided based on the circumstances at the time.’

* I think it is likely that ‘illegal weed’ could be consumed at these protest.. BUT we shall see how the police respond ?
As the current Govt. seem unwilling to allow any further reforms; inc. Medicinal use. We need to start ongoing protests (in the run up to next election 2017) & cause maximum public awareness & if possible embarrassment to the ‘Prohibition regime’ adherents.

SO calling ALL kiwis; who support law reform to join this nation-wide event at 4pm (& 420).. to let the ‘PRO-Drug War Warriors’ know that it is time to END the DRUG WAR in Aotearoa/NZ !

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