Stop arrests, protest day

I attended a small “STOP THE ARRESTS” protest, (focus on Medicinal & Adults only personal use) at the front of the local Police station, yesterday at about 4pm (420). Whilst there were only a few ‘hardcore’ activists present, at this one.. a senior officer (Inspector ? with 3 ‘pips’ on his shoulder) came out to discuss ‘the issues’ with us. He agreed that ‘times are changing’ (with arrests at all time lows, in recent years) BUT seemed unaware of the recent action around medicinal use; a patient legally bringing 4oz of cannabis herb into Aotearoa/NZ from Hawaii (on prescription). He seemed quite OK with us protesting, but warned us not to smoke anything illegal, near the entrance or in the foyer ! (we agreed not to.. we went to the park nearby 🙂 )

I also read that there were similar protests around the country (in 26 towns/cities or more ?) In one city I read that about 75 activists smoked the herb, on a grass verge in front of the Police station.. with no arrests.

BUT I also read that in another location, 4 activists were arrested.. but the report gave no details of charges laid etc.

methinks, in the run up to 2017 NZ general election, we need a series of rolling protests along similar lines.. to keep the attention on this issue !

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