Local politics

I attended a local body (council & Mayor) election forum last evening.. after the candidates were given a couple of minutes each, to push their case for election, there was a session of Q&A from the floor. I asked: “would the council support the concept of opening Cannabis medicinal & social club-type facilities (as is happening at the state/province level overseas)”. I got a bit of applause & at least one person vocally agreed. I was asked to nominate who the question was to, so I directed it to a current council member standing for re-election (also previously a central Govt. MP). He just said he would agree with allowing Medicinal use, but seem unsure about a ‘social club’. Another new candidate (not already a council member) stood up & said ‘there is already one in this city’. I said not that I was aware of & it is time we ‘came out of the shadows’ & added ‘If the PM/central Govt. wont do it, would the council direct Police, to ‘keep away unless called for a reason/problem’. There was a deafening silence.

I was told later, there was a ‘social club’ at the local University.. but it’s mainly for students, not the ‘general public’.

Another person asked ‘what is the council doing about the alcohol/public drunkenness issues in the city & university precinct. Often ignored by Police & authorities’

A couple of the candidates said that, as this is a University city, there is a ‘culture of drinking’ & this needs to change. Then a candidate who has publicly stated, he supports cannabis reforms (runs the local Cannabis museum) referenced to my question & said ‘If other substances were more accepted & available.. then there could be up to a 20% reduction in the alcohol/drinking culture, which is a major problem on weekend nights, in this city’. This was backed up by another candidate (speaking for city youth). A person in the audience called out, what sounded like ‘now we are lowering our standards’ (possibly totally opposed to these suggestions ?)

It was good to at least pose the question/issue, to our local ‘representatives’ even if they seemed unsure/powerless to really address it ! 🙂

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