Final episode

I watched the final episode of: ‘Back Benches’ (NZ politics in the pub) for 2016. The host made it sound unclear, as to whether the show would continue in 2017 ?
I noticed the large number of cannabis law reform advocates with signs, in the audience. At least one has attended every episode this year & he seems to have built up a fairly large group of fellow supporters… Good to see Fred !

Whilst this issue, was again not really on the agenda; at the close of the program, each MP (different parties) on the panel, has the opportunity to give comment “I’ve been thinking” (to the camera). The Labour Party MP (Trevor M) gave the following (paraphrased): “a big shout out to Helen K. (terminally ill, cancer patient) who has greatly drawn the attention of the nation to legalisation of Medicinal Cannabis”.. he then went on to say, to the minister responsible for Drug Policy in Aotearoa/NZ, that it is “time to get off his ARSE, before she dies !!” (& reform the law)

* well said Trev. I agree 100% 🙂

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