Strange dayz

I used to think that most people who used illegal drugs (esp. Cannabis) were of like mind, in support of law reform.. BUT over time I have come to the conclusion, this is untrue; if truth be known some/perhaps many, actually seem to be totally caught up in the black-market, prohibitionist status quo, that has reigned for decades, i.e. the ‘Devil they know’. These are the things I tend to see/hear about this underworld existence :

1) prefer the ‘mystique’ that is created around the ‘drugs’ (marijuana), rather than an alternative; Legal cannabis
2) like hiding in dark corners & whispering with their ‘co-conspirator(s)’
3) the thrill of being an ‘outlaw’
4) playing the ‘cat & mouse’ game with Police (& customs)
5) meeting other dealers in ‘shady doorways’ with secret hand-signals or code-words
6) buying bulk (> 1 oz of ‘weed’) & breaking in up into ‘tinnies’ then selling it, to maybe doubling their money
7) perhaps dealing with ‘corrupt cops’ & making secret deals or proving info. on others, to avoid being arrested
8) passing wads of cash, whilst looking to see if anyone is looking & receiving ‘illegal packages’, then rushing away into the night
9) living in this secretive, shady environment.. full of mystery, intrigue & perhaps DANGER
10) spreading misinformation about their real motivation (they actually wish to maintain the status quo).. depending on who they are dealing with
11) associating with ‘hard core crims’ .. HEAVY Power Games man
12) the whole ‘cloak & dagger’ world, that Prohibition has created
13) dealers having the power over, ‘desperate DRUGGIES’ who they think are just totally ‘hanging out’ for their next fix/hit of DRUGS & are willing to do, almost anything or pay any amount to get it !!
14) growing some illegal plants, in the greenhouse or garden.. in a secret sunny spot or three

BUT personally I find it to be a ‘Childish game’ & would prefer they all JUST grow up & move on from this nonsense (esp. here in Aotearoa/NZ), where it causes more harm to society than the actual drugs do.. effectively making it a corrupted ‘Police/druggie state’ 😦

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