Medicinal MDMA

I watched a program ‘Techknow’ on Al Jazeera (Int’l news), about research into possible medicinal/therapeutic use of the ‘party drug’ MDMA.. aka ‘Ecstasy’. They reported that the drug is being trialled as a potential treatment for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which is widely diagnosed in returned military service-personel. They said the drug appears to open the mind, to working through the issues in a more relaxed way, often resulting is more acceptance of the cause of this disorder.

They showed old footage of trials of LSD for similar research (1950s ?) but it was discontinued, as inconclusive.

They also pointed to the bans on research into medicinal use of ‘recreational drugs’ (classified under schedule 1 in USA). These drugs are stated as ‘most open to abuse & NO known medicinal/therapeutic use or value’. btw; this still includes CANNABIS at the federal level. These bans have also extended to the rest of the world, under the guise of UN conventions (championed by USA).

It sounds like maybe a sense of reason, may actually & finally prevail.. if the DEA are persuaded, to take their ‘Jack-boots’ off the throat, of these researchers !?

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