Police shooting USA

I’ve been watching the recent news items about Police shootings is USA.. mostly black men, often unarmed !

I watched footage (filmed by a wife) of the most recent one. The wife can be heard yelling “Don’t shoot him, he’s unarmed” then a series of shots ring out & the man is seen lying dead.

The Police have now agreed to release their footage.. BUT since then I hear on the news, it was reported that he was armed & ‘MARIJUANA’ was seen in his car. Sounds like a kick back to the 1950s, misinfo. about the ‘Killer Weed’ etc. as if this is a reasonable excuse to shoot this man !

People condemn the recent news of Police roaming the streets of Manila, Philippines shooting ‘Druggies’ under the apparent approval of their new President. BUT this recent case, smacks of the same policy. “look he has drugs man..” shoot first, then ask questions later ? 😦

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