Cure for Epilepsy

I watched a segment from ’60 minutes’ last evening.. a wealthy couple in Australia have donated $34 million to Medicinal Cannabis research. Their grand-daughter has ‘Dravet syndrome’ (severe Epilepsy). They showed footage of them walking in a whole field of cannabis plants. The grandfather said to the girl.. “these are your medicine”.
The girl was reportedly suffering severe seizures, several times a day. She now receives a cannabis extract, that has effectively stopped this. The seizures were apparently so severe, they were causing brain damage.

The reporter asked the father “does this drug get her ‘high’.. it is ‘marijuana’ ? ” to which he replied emphatically “NO ! it’s about relieving her symptoms only” The cannabinoids apparently have a calming effect on her nervous system.

They said the father had become so desperate, that he has previously been breaking the law, by importing a cannabis extract oil from overseas.

I believe the Australian Govt. have now changed their laws to allow further research & use of cannabis drugs. Maybe the NZ Govt. should ‘sit up & take notice’ ?!

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