Hemp House

I just watched an episode of ‘Grand Design NZ’. A couple have built a house which is lined with ‘Hemp-crete’. They showed the 70 hectare fields of Hemp/Cannabis plants cultivated in Holland, apparently its easier than growing/sourcing it locally ?
They visited the processing plant in Holland & showed the raw fibre being ground up into the building material product.

They showed the builders mixing the hemp herds with a lime binder & water (like concrete) but then they packed the mix into frames covered in boards & rammed it in. Once the moulding boards were removed, it took six weeks to dry & cure. They said it is a ‘breathable material’ & totally fire resistant.

The reporter made a few comments about it being ‘marijuana’. The ‘Hemp master’ said it’s not anything illegal (almost zero THC) & said you would have to roll a telephone-pole size joint, to just a get a huge headache.

They stated it the 4th Hemp House to be built in Aotearoa/NZ. It was great to see this & maybe it may become more ‘mainstream’ in future ?

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