animal stories

I heard a couple of stories around drug testing on animals:

1) in order to ‘prove’ that smoking ‘marijuana’ was excessively more harmful than smoking tobacco..(NOT) they strapped a mask on a chimp & pumped in cannabis smoke. The chimp died after the equivalent of 6 joints were ‘inhaled’. The one thing they don’t mention is that it was actually, a lack of oxygen that killed the animal ! (the type of smoke was irrelevant)

2) they setup a piece of equipment to test whether THC reduced motivation; there were three boxes containing food. The highest, contained the most food, the next, about half as much & the lowest about a quarter the amount. When ‘straight’ the mice mostly climbed to the highest & retrieved the largest amount, BUT when THC was injected, the mice tended to go for the second highest. They wondered whether the mice now lacked motivation OR had the mice just realised, that it only requires a quarter of the energy to retrieve half as much food, twice as often
ie *they got smarter ?

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