continue the Good fight

I just hope the fight for wider medicinal use of cannabis (raw herb OR other preparations) continues in Aotearoa/NZ, now that a popular activist has recently passed.. whilst there are other cases of ‘famous kiwis’ identified as having used cannabis in their ‘final days’ for pain. The number who are prepared to stand up is only a fraction. UN reports show a high use of the drug in NZ.. but public protests are not well attended.

I really think that the majority of kiwis DO support medicinal use & even wider personal use.. BUT the whole stigma of the illegal drug (‘marijuana’), has created a broad fear of being labeled ‘druggie’ or targeted by law enforcement, which seems to have put the brakes on wider level of protesters/activists coming forward. The whole approach needs to change !!

I hear that the recent petition presented to parliament (by another activist) will likely just be ignored, by a right-wing Govt. that has often stated ‘NO further reforms to drug laws, whilst they are IN POWER !’

Its clear the solution would be to change the Govt. but easier said than done 😦

Methinks that a staunch ‘law & order’ rhetoric tends to ride roughshod over a sensible ‘Drug policy’ in Aotearoa/NZ.. which has seen some of the most draconian attitudes to cannabis in the OECD/west in the last couple of decades; whilst other countries are NOW moving forward..

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