Second Med-Cannabis product in NZ

I see on the TV media, that a second medicinal cannabis product has been now approved in Aotearoa/NZ (Sativex; was the only one prior). The new product is called ‘Tilray’. I hear it comes in a tablet form & will only cost about 50% the current cost of Sativex (>$1000/month).

In the TV report, the main things that got my attention (& annoyance) was the fact:

1) they constantly called it ‘Medical Marijuana‘ NOT Cannabis

2) they mentioned that other ‘non medicinal’ users are ‘clouding the issue’ even referred to as ‘the bong brigade’. When in fact they maybe just highlighting that they agree with Med-use, but it’s not the only possible use of this plant !

One med-use activist stated that you can get high on morphine (Heroin), BUT people don’t make such a big deal about it OR use it as an excuse to block medicinal use. I agree 100% 🙂

I will watch for further updates..

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