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I saw two TV news items this evening:

1) a ‘gang member’ has vowed to “run all Meth/P dealers out of town”. This come in light of some of the largest busts for this drug in NZ, in recent times & the fact that its use in Aotearoa/NZ is climbing rapidly (approaching cannabis levels ?). The PM even said he agree with the sentiment, ‘as long as the law is not being broken’. There does appear to be a shift away from zero-tolerance to some level of treatment.. but as I said in another post, at a ‘snails pace’.

2) another kiwi celebrity (now living in Australia) has become an advocate for medicinal cannabis.. (spec. CBD). It was reported that her father is suffering Alzheimer’s disease. She ordered a few packages of ‘Elixinol’ (from overseas) & sent it to NZ. Her mother was unaware of the legal status & said it did seem to relieve her husbands symptoms. BUT then one batch was intercepted at the border. No charges were laid, but a stern warning was apparently given “Don’t do it again !!”. They also reported that there is currently a debate going on between the Ministry of Health & a Govt. scientific advisory agency, about the legal status of THC & CBD. CBD can be extracted from ‘Hemp’ which is legal under license in NZ.. BUT THC is only available in 2 approved medicinal products. The advocate said she was willing to continue ‘breaking the law’ to get medicine for her father.. BUT her mother now refuses to accept ‘this illegal drug’ (even if it is relieving her husband’s illness). This is totally bloody ridiculous !

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