too much control ?

I have been reading some comments from advocates & activists on cannabis law reform (esp. Medicinal).. whilst many other OECD/western countries are moving forward, Aotearoa/NZ law makers are creeping forward ‘at a snail’s pace’. As per my recent post, a second cannabis drug has been approved, BUT each patient needs to ‘jump through several hoops’ to get the drug(s) approved/authorised for use, by the ministry of health.

In many other countries, they trust their registered medical practitioners (GP Doctors) to prescribe drugs to their patients, without any other, higher authorisation.

I read these comments from a med-use advocate, about recent moves with ‘Tilray’ (latest cannabis drug approval):

‘Medicinal cannabis advocate (Rose R.) told (a radio interviewer) there’s hope for others now that one patient has been signed off.’

‘She said it “doesn’t make a lot of sense” to give it to one person and not others who are waiting for the treatment.’

“Some of the conditions are urgent,” she said. “They need it now, so they’re going to have to improve the quality of what they’re doing now.”

‘(Rose R.) said she’s confident (minister for drug policy) case-by-case approach is going to change.’

It just seems that all the hysteria about ‘marijuana’ is very slowly subsiding in NZ, with recent polls showing over 80% support for ‘medicinal use’ & about 65% in favour of other personal use reforms.

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7 Responses to too much control ?

  1. I don’t condone the use of drugs. However, if someone wants to use them, I am not going to make a big deal about it.

    • Zedd says:

      Thx for comment Jeffrey. This is the real issue, I won’t force anyone to do anything (inc. Drug use) BUT the law in NZ & much of the world, uses law enforcement to try & stop it. 😦

      Why is it so.. What happened to ‘FREEDOM of Choice’ ?

  2. Zedd, as I said, I don’t condone drug use. However, I am not going to dictate to other people if they can or cannot use them. People should be free to live their lives without government intervention.

    • Zedd says:

      Thx Jeffrey
      btw; I dont promote ‘illegal drug use’ BUT I do think adults should have ‘freedom of choice’. The WAR on Drugs does not allow this, in fact supports Alcohol & Tobacco (also DRUGS) only !

  3. Zedd, I am not promoting illegal drug use either. As far as U.S.drug policy is concerned, I think that it should be determined on a state by state basis. The fact is that alcohol and tobacco kill more people than Marijuana. However, in the U.S., Marijuana is illegal and alcohol and tobacco are legal. Marijuana has no reported deaths, however, alcohol and tobacco have had many associated deaths due to long term use. What about the financial cost of the drug war? What about the hypocrisy of people who use them and want to punish other people who also use them? Prohibition of alcohol lead to the existence of black markets. The murder rate jumped when alcohol ban went into effect and then went down when it became legal. We spend $40, 000, 000, 000.00 in the U.S. on average fighting the war on drugs.

    • Zedd says:

      Cheers Jeffrey.. to my mind, the biggest issue around drugs & drug use, being the total push of MISINFORMATION, that has been rammed down the throat of the global populous. It has only been in the last decades that the ‘mainstream’ is actually realising this… eg ‘Marijuana’ (CANNABIS) is NOT a ‘evil insidious’ drug that causes; mass insanity & leads everyone who smokes a ‘joint’ to become Heroin addicts; as was the message of ‘reefer madness’ etc. in the 1940-50s :/

  4. Zedd, waging a war on drugs is counterproductive. As I said, I am not promoting drug use. I am just saying that I would let individuals make that choice on their own. Don’t we own our own bodies? Do we not have the right to decide what we put in them?

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