not even a word

I watched the MPs in NZ parliament speak (& sing too) their praises for Ms Helen Kelly (RIP). They mentioned her illustrious career as a Union mediator/boss. I too support their praise for her tireless work in this area.

BUT she spent the last year, advocating for Medicinal Cannabis law reform.. NOT even a word was mentioned. In fact the Police minister seemed to be staunchly pushing the status quo; on the WAR on Drugs, to a couple of questions, during the daily ‘question-time’.

Interesting that the minister responsible for Drug policy in Aotearoa/NZ, was not present in the parliament today (maybe just a coincidence).. BUT maybe he is just hiding from any possible embarrassment, from his (or this Govt.) total lack of any commitment, to any further substantive change, on drug policy ?! 😦

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