frontline dispatches

I see the following recent ‘dispatches’ from the frontlines of the Drug war:

1) “Having to build prisons isn’t a great reality but that is the consequence of crime and of this society taking it very seriously” recent comment from NZ Police/Corrections minister

2) “It’s still a very serious issue in our country. We want to dismantle these organised crime groups” recent comment from the Police Commissioner, talking about the Drug War in Aotearoa/NZ

3) a senior Mexican Judge was recently shot dead outside his home. He recently was involved in the cases around ‘Drug Kingpin.. El Chapo’

Its interesting that the Minister & Police commissioner in Aotearoa/NZ are talking tough on crime (mostly the Drug war) & building more prisons.. as if this is the only possible solution. ZERO-TOLERANCE, when many other OECD countries are stepping back from this kind of strategy.

*If you keep building more prisons.. they will just keep filing them.
**How fucking NARROW MINDED !!

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