Opium crop increase

I see on Al Jazeera Int’l TV news, that the UN office of Drugs & Crime (UNODC) reports that the Opium poppy crop in Afghanistan is up 10% in 2016 !
They reported that it is a major source of funds for the ‘Taliban’.. BUT if truth be known the ‘illegal drug trade’ worldwide is a major source of funds across many countries & sectors of society.

I saw a previous news report, that showed fields of opium poppies growing in plain sight of the local Police/military checkpoints. They were totally turning a ‘blind eye’ to this crop. Whilst it is true, that these Afghani farmers could/do grown other crops, the profit margin on these ‘drugs’ is more lucrative, compared to many other legal crops.

Again.. just confirming that the ‘WAR on DRUGS’ is a total failure & it is time to call it to an end. BUT the UN are like so many other global ‘power brokers’, just tiptoeing around the edges.. fearing any real change, to the ‘devil they know’ !

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