points of clarity

I have had a few comments recently, from Jeffrey.. whilst I do appreciate any comments/feedback.. I thought I’d just add several ‘points of clarity’ :

1) my blog is not about ‘promoting ILLEGAL drug use’
2) I am trying to highlight the total MISINFORMATION that has been rammed into the public psyche, over about 50 years, about the supposed effects of ‘DRUGS’ esp. Cannabis (aka ‘Marijuana’)
3) whilst I accept; Cannabis, Opium, Coca & other plants, that are often deemed to be ‘illegal drugs’.. can be abused & could be see as harmful, this does not mean that they are, in ALL circumstances. I would never promote anyone under 18 years to use them recreationally, whether legal or otherwise.
4) the biggest LIE, that this current regime has created.. Alcohol & Tobacco are supposedly ‘safer’ than cannabis etc. BUT the actual stats. on societal harm, actually point to the opposite; they are the greater cause of harm: about 5000 deaths per year in NZ from tobacco & about 1000 from Alcohol. The numbers of deaths attributed directly to cannabis is still disputed, BUT I keep hearing it effectively ZERO. Even the so-called ‘hard drugs’ still come in much lower than the ‘legal drugs’
5) many of the currently ‘illegal drugs’ are now or had been used (for centuries) for their medicinal properties. BUT prohibition has moved most of them to USA schedule #1 (or equiv.): ‘most open to abuse & of NO known medicinal value’. This has actually created bans on scientific research into any actual or potential medicinal or therapeutic uses. BUT recently the tide of change is rising.
6) Prohibition was used in the 1920s USA, with Alcohol. It was repealed in 1933, as a TOTAL failure. It was seen as the direct cause of: black-market, gangsters, associated violence & massive levels of CORRUPTION. It was replaced with ‘Legal regulation’. The ridiculous thing being.. the ‘power brokers’ of today did not learn a thing from this & seem to think, the ‘WAR ON DRUGS’ is the only ‘solution’ to the current situation with: cannabis, opiates, cocaine, meth., ecstasy etc. They are totally WRONG, it is having exactly the same results, as Alcohol prohibition !
7) the War on Drugs, is actually based on a bunch of lies & half-truths (started by ‘Reefer Madness’ regime in 1940s). The evidence points to the maintaining of the status quo, NOT to reduce ‘drug related harm’ but to keep certain sectors/groups in society in ‘gainful employment’ & to line the deep pockets of those who are benefiting from it, including: Police, Courts, Prisons, Gangsters, Big Tobacco/Alcohol & Pharmaceutical industries.. who regardless of the B-S, all would likely prefer to keep Cannabis & these other drugs illegal, for as long as possible !!
8) The War on Drugs is supposedly about reducing harm & mainly keeping these drugs from the hands of YOUTH. BUT the zero-tolerance approach just creates a ‘mystique’ that attracts people to try/use drugs (the ‘forbidden fruit’) rather than turn them away.
9) Holland & now other ‘progressive nations’ are seeing the folly & moving to ‘decriminalise’ cannabis & other illegal drugs. They are apparently seeing levels of use; decline..the ‘novelty has worn off’
10) BUT Aotearoa/NZ & others are still heavily caught up in USA-led Drug War.. we have amongst the highest levels of use & arrests (per capita) in the OECD/western world, with prisons overflowing. SO, go figure; is the War on Drugs really achieving its stated objective: A ‘Drug-Free world’ ?
“HELL NO !!” sez I&I “Its total B-S & it IS time to END the Drug WAR in not just; Aotearoa/NZ, BUT the entire World. 😦

“Are youz with me?” If Yes.. then come out, from the shadows, stand up & be counted, protest, join a political party that has law reform on the agnda OR if nothing else; VOTE for such a party !

Here in Aotearoa/NZ, there are a few Political parties that TALK reform BUT, to use an old saying “Its all talk but NO action”.

If you are interested then click the link: http://www.cannabis.org.nz 🙂

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