back of pack

I watched another edition of NZ TV current affairs (‘story’), they are showing ongoing cases of kiwis using cannabis for medicinal treatment (legally or otherwise). Today they featured a HIV patient who suffers severe nausea, as a side effect of the medicines he takes. The man said he was using ‘illegal weed’ to relieve his nausea, BUT did not like the ‘high’ it gave him. After ‘jumping through the hoops’, required in NZ to get Sativex (legal extract spray) he now gets it, funded by the social welfare Dept. (>$1000/month)

They compared the legal status in NZ to other countries (Canada, USA, Aust. etc.).. NZ is, to most people ‘at the back of the pack‘. They briefly interviewed the minister (resp. Drug policy), who refuted the claim about the over-restrictive approach in NZ. The minister said he has ‘signed off’ all the patients whose applications have crossed his desk. BUT that is less than 200 in a country of 4.5 million people. This Govt. refuses to follow the trends overseas & allow medicinal cannabis to be grown here or for GP doctors to prescribe it or other preparations. “Cut the CRAP, what are we not being told minister.. who is really pulling the strings ?!”

Again.. Cannabis is a ‘Class C’ drug & opiates are ‘Class A’ but the restrictions on cannabis would make anyone believe it was the other way around !

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