Proposition 64

I heard discussion (Independent USA media; ‘DemocracyNow’) on the upcoming ballots, that will run in 35 USA states plus D.C. (on their federal election day: 8 November), 9 states will include Prop. 64, to further ‘relax’ prohibition of cannabis (aka ‘marijuana’) for both Medicinal & Recreational use !

They interviewed a prominent ‘End the Drug war’ campaigner, who stated that; currently about 5% of Americans can ‘legally’ smoke cannabis recreationally, under current state laws: 4 states.. BUT if Prop. 64 passes in all the states that are pushing it, this could increase to 25%. She also mentioned all the ‘anti-Prop. 64’ rhetoric, that was effectively pushing ‘reefer madness’ type misinformation.

She went on to mention how initiatives in other countries: Holland, Portugal etc. have proved that the ‘sky did not fall’ after they ‘relaxed’ their cannabis (& other drugs) laws. She said in Holland, cannabis use ‘has become boring’ as if going to a bar (coffeeshops) & having a cup of coffee & a snack & partaking of some ‘weed’, socially with responsible adults. She confirmed that use rates (esp. amongst Dutch citizens) have in fact declined, after the novelty wore off.

There was a brief comment, about the possible changes that could occur, with the upcoming change of President.. the activist stated that Ms Clinton has said she supports Medicinal use of cannabis & further decriminalisation (stop arrests for personal use).. whereas the rhetoric from the Trump-camp was a probable ramping up of the Drug war. He has talked about ‘Mexicans running the Drug trade’ & his intention to clamp down on it. Also the reintroduction/broadening of ‘stop & frisk’ by Police. In New York this had seen mostly African-Americans being ‘targeted’.

So my message to all USA citizens reading this.. “Please vote YES on Prop 64 (in states that include it) & do not vote for Trump !” IF you want more cannabis law reforms. Remember that the War on Drugs was an American ‘global initiative’ & the best way to end it (globally) is to push reforms forward in USA. šŸ™‚

Meanwhile.. the Drug War in Aotearoa/NZ just rolls on, with no real end in sight (as long as this current Govt. remains in power).. BUT we too, have an election due; end of 2017.

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