Watch out.. there are plants about

I read that a Senior Police Sergeant has issued the annual message; ‘watch out there are plants about !’. The head of cannabis, seek & destroy operations in the Far north of Aotearoa/NZ (Northland) has advised locals to keep an eye out for strangers or strange activities in the area. He says it is the time that cannabis growers start their planting.
The report says ‘As night temperatures warm up and the threat of frosts decreases conditions for planting tomatoes, zucchini and cannabis becomes ideal.’

‘November is a month when cannabis growers prepare their outdoor plots and plant out seedlings.’

.. then this; ‘The man tasked with running Northland’s annual drug recovery operation, Detective Senior Sergeant (name removed), said it would be those living in rural locations that would start to notice suspicious behaviour that might be linked to planting of cannabis crops.’

‘Northland’s expansive native bush is the ideal place for cannabis plots as it provided shelter and of course was partially hidden from the prying eyes of authorities.’

‘And the region’s climate is conducive to growing the illegal drug.’

The sergeant sent this warning; ‘He urged anyone who might notice strange vehicles in their area of people claiming to be pig hunting but had no dogs to call police immediately.’

‘Police also stressed information given to them would be in strict confidence and if drug plots were discovered on private property in no way would it mean the land owner would be held legally responsible.’

.. then added this; ‘(the Sergeant) said the demand for cannabis was as strong as it ever was, despite an increase in the use of methamphetamine.’

“We are interested not just in the big guys but the little ones as well. So any activity that is unusual in rural areas will be of interest to us.”

‘If you can help police combat the illegal cannabis trade call your local police station or Crimestoppers..’

*Meanwhile the stats. show that less than 15% of all break & enter robberies, in NZ are going unresolved by Police, who obviously have ‘greater priorities !’

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