other Votes

I read that besides the vote for USA President; “No Comment, sez I&I”

There were several states that also voted on further cannabis reforms, here is a brief summary of results:

1) Arizona voted “NO” on personal use.. 52.1%

2) California voted “YES” on R21 personal use.. 55.8%

3) Maine voted “YES” on R21 personal use.. just passed 50.2%

4) Massachusetts voted “YES” to regulate similar to alcohol.. 53.6%

5) Nevada voted “YES” to R21 personal use.. 54.5%

* meanwhile, over 50% of USA states now allow medicinal use, with these results:

6) Arkansas voted to allow med-use.. 53.2%

7) Florida voted to allow med-use.. 71.3%

8) Montana voted to allow med-use.. 57.3%

9) North Dakota voted to allow med-use.. 63.7%

Great to hear.. the tide is still rising in other OECD countries.. maybe it will reach the shores of Aotearoa/NZ one day.. soon ? :/

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