another negative ‘study’

I read that an Australian study, ‘proves’ that long term cannabis smoking/use has a ‘premature aging effect’. The report; compared 11 cannabis-only users, 504 tobacco users, 114 combination tobacco and cannabis smokers and 534 non-smokers over a five-year period.

I read this comment from the Professor: “We found that for those who used cannabis over a long time, not only does it age you, it increases ageing at an exponential rate over time which is alarming,”

‘He said it was concerning that this was the first study to look at the long-term effects of smoking cannabis on the cardiovascular system.’

“It is important to the health of populations worldwide that such research be continued, with the study highlighting the large-scale costs to the health system from cannabis use,” he said.

followed by this ‘information’ : Prof (name removed) strongly opposes the recent legalisation of medicinal cannabis use in Australia saying the federal government was “putting the cart before the horse”, as the health benefits on medical cannabis were still inconclusive.

“They cannot regard the benefits as proven, there’s a rumour that is proven but the rumour comes from the drug companies and the drug companies’ trials,” he said.

“It’s driven by media hype, it’s not driven by the science. People are buying into an illusion and the illusion will shatter in time.”

I just find it fascinating that this ‘Professor & his study’ was even taken seriously, the number in the trial: ELEVEN cannabis smokers !
The report claims that people who use cannabis are aging at 11% faster than non-users.. BUT what about the ‘evidence’ of the 504 tobacco smokers ?

It has been widely known that smoking anything, is likely not the best option & can be harmful, BUT it is not the only option & this report even suggests that it should be a ‘reason’ to abandon the medicinal uses, due to ‘lack of evidence’.. what a load of B-S sez I&I 😦

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