on addiction

Several years ago, I saw a TV discussion on cannabis & other drug ‘addiction’.. at the time it was widely believed that cannabis created a ‘state of dependence‘ but was rarely said to be an ‘real’ addiction, like heroin

One doctor said (paraphrased) that if you are consuming a drug (inc. cannabis) on a constant, ongoing basis, without a medical reason, then it’s actually by definition ‘an addiction’; a constant craving/desire by the body.

When I first heard this, I quite strongly disagreed.. but as I’ve seen more now & had more experience, I tend to think the ‘good doctor’ was on to something. BUT I still maintain that there is a reason why Cannabis is ‘class C’, hallucinogens are ‘class B’ & opiates & meth etc. are ‘Class A’ there is a different level of addictiveness to different drug types. Cannabis can be regulated to ‘recommended you use X grams a week’ & hope people see the sense.

I don’t believe that the end of the drug war, should result in ‘anything goes’ (as I think many fears & some may even prefer)inc. teenagers just getting high & dropping out.. needs to be at least R18+ or maybe higher

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