I read that a group are aiming to organise a medicinal cannabis tour to California (from NZ) to use a ‘loophole’ in the law, to bring legal medicine back. It is totally ridiculous that under the current ‘Misuse of drugs act 1975’ it appears at first glance, to demand zero-tolerance.. BUT section 8 does give exemptions to allow; up to one months ‘medicine’ prescribe & obtained overseas to be legally brought into the country & consumed, by a patient with the necessary paperwork. I’m aware, that at least one person (with TV cameras present) has already done so !

The tour intends to go from Auckland to San Francisco, which will include flights, accommodation & a doctors examination & prescription (paperwork) to obtain the medicine. Then a visit to a ‘dispensary’ to obtain said medicine & bring it back.

I read that the tour is $4995 BUT; it’s about ‘sticking the fingers up to this Govt.’ that we are not happy to just sit back & accept this B-S, whilst increasing numbers of other OECD countries, already allow their citizens to use this drug, for its wide range of medicinal, therapeutic & other uses.. regardless of the total misinformation, from ‘Reefer madness’ etc. still being pushed as TRUTH, in this country 😦

for more info:

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