Police priority

I was listening to the parliament yesterday.. there was a question from an opposition MP, about the apparent reappraisal of Police priorities, in light of negative media reports, about an aprox. 85% of break & enter property robberies going unresolved. The police have apparently committed to attending all such offences in future. This has come about, by moving police from ‘organised crime’ (Drug war). The MP mentioning that most of the robberies, occurred to fund illegal drug use. Whilst this maybe true, it is actually prohibition & the black-market that causes this; 1 gram of Meth/P about $1000 & a gram of cannabis about $15-20. If these drugs were legally regulated (sold from legal dispensaries, adults only) chances are these prices would be massively reduced. You could even grow your own for free.

This again highlights the misinformation that is still widely pushed by these MPs who still promote the status quo, rather than removing the blinkers !

The Police minister reaffirmed the usual rhetoric, about ‘tough on ALL crime’ including the ongoing NZ ‘WAR on weed’ (still a main priority, according to many news reports) 😦

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