Time for change

I read that the NZ Drug foundation, say the time is right for cannabis reforms in Aotearoa/NZ, in light of 3 more USA states recently legalising recreational use: California, Massachusetts & Nevada.

I read the following issues:

‘In the state of California, marijuana is big business. It’s been sold across the counter for the past 20 years.’ (medicinal use)

“After 20 years, it’s about time that we’re finally doing the things that are going to be required to have a healthy and responsible cannabis industry in Southern California.” says a dispensary owner

‘His Los Angeles medicinal marijuana dispensary has its own library of cannabis literature and employs scientists to research its effects.’

‘California’s Proposition 64 was passed during last month’s US election by a majority of Republicans and Democrats alike.’

‘Stores will have to have a licence to sell it and taxes on those sales are projected to earn a billion dollars in the first year alone.’

and this comment from a Drug policy alliance spokesperson:

“It’s a big, big step towards ending, dismantling the war on drugs,”

then these comments from the NZ drug foundation:

‘The New Zealand Drug Foundation has conducted research that shows two-thirds of Kiwis support law reform.’

“The public is ready for change; we’re seeing that around the world and we’re seeing it in New Zealand. Politicians aren’t yet ready, but the public is,” the Drug Foundation’s (spokesperson) says.

‘A better choice may lie across the border, where Canada’s planning big reform next year.’

“They’re going to reject a commercial model and in fact have government control, which is a more public health-focused approach – the kind I think New Zealand could learn from,”

Meanwhile I see that the ‘Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party’ only got 0.5% of the vote in yesterdays local Mt. Roskill by-election (electorate in Akld). 😦

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