Drug policy update

I read that the Green Party of Aotearoa/NZ, has released a new policy document titled: ‘Drug Law Reform policy’. The party has always led the pack (amongst those in parliament) on drug law reform ideas.. BUT in recent years this issue appears to have dropped down their priority list.

Here is a taste of the items listed, in the policy (not all):

Key Principles
*Drug policy should be rational & based on credible & scientifically-valid evidence
*Not all drug use is abusive or problematic
*Prohibition of drugs can cause more harm than it prevents

Cannabis for personal use
The Green party will make cannabis legal for personal use:
*Possession & personal use of cannabis &/or cannabis products will no longer be illegal
*Cultivation for personal use will no longer be illegal
*A legal age limit will be introduced

Medical Cannabis
*Remove penalties for any person with a terminal illness or chronic or debilitating condition….
*Accelerate the process by which medical cannabis products are licensed for use…

It also talks about further implementation of the ‘failed’ Psychoactive substance act, that saw ‘legal highs’ & Synthetic cannabis, legally regulated until a public outcry, saw it overturned.

It also says they will implement the recommendations in the NZ Law Commission review of 2011, that was effectively ignored by this current Govt.

I for one, welcome this new policy. Should the Green party become part of a coalition Govt. in 2017.. it will be interesting to see if they push it forward ?

If you wish to see the full policy: https://www.greens.org.nz/page/drug-law-reform-policy

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