more from frontlines

more from the frontlines, of the Drug War:

1) A lady who was the first reported patient to bring prescribed cannabis into NZ, in recent times, has spoken out about the ‘closing of the loophole’:

‘Golden Bay woman (name removed), who this year successfully bought in a month’s supply (4oz) of US prescribed cannabis products for pain relief, said the Government’s decision was a “barbaric and deliberate attempt to stop sick people in pain from getting their medicine.”

“My dad is coming to visit me soon (from USA) and could have brought my next supply of medicine, because he is classed as one of my caregivers. But now the Ministry of Health is actively taking people’s access to health away.”

‘She said the quality of the cannabis on the black market in New Zealand was a far cry from what she was able to access in places where cannabis was legal.’

“In California I have a choice between so many different strains of cannabis. There are some that agitate my nervous system or make me too sleepy, so it’s really important for people who need to medicate they get the right strain.”

Her lawyer, who exposed the loophole added:

‘..the stance from Customs and the health ministry was an “incredibly mean-spirited attack” on sick New Zealanders.’

“It is bizarre that the New Zealand government is trying to enforce US Federal laws that the US government does not enforce,” she said.

‘She was considering filing a legal challenge in the High Court and had already made an urgent Official Information Request to Associate Health
Minister.’ (resp. NZ drug policy)

“[I want] to try to understand why he and his officials have changed from their earlier publicly stated position that they did not intend to block use of the loophole clause.”

‘Ministry of Health director of protection, regulation and assurance Dr (name removed) said both the ministry and Customs were obligated to ensure that the law was complied with.’

‘Customs did not respond for requests for comment.’

* watch this space.. for updates

2) Due to a lack of ‘natural herb’; people in UK & Europe, are also turning to synthetics :

‘At least three people were treated by medical teams at the German market, after taking the substance (synthetic cannabinoid) that has been linked to a number of deaths

‘A number of people collapsed at a Christmas market in Birmingham last night after using banned drug; Black Mamba.’

‘The psychoactive chemicals tend to be imported from pharmaceutical companies abroad and then mixed in the UK.’

‘Last year, it was reported that it was fast becoming the drug of choice in Midland prisons as it cannot be picked up by routine drug tests and is easily passed off as rolling tobacco.’

‘A report by the chief inspector of prisons warned the drug was causing “serious physical and mental health consequences.”

This was reported by prison staff:

“Everyone seems to be on it,”

“There’s hardly any smell to it and it looks like ordinary tobacco.”

“It doesn’t show up in drugs tests.”

“But some users are having severe reactions and it’s common for ambulances to be turning up three or four times a week to take users to hospital after taking the stuff.”

‘Another former inmate in Worcestershire said: “It’s easily smuggled in by visitors.’

“I’ve seen people go absolutely psychotic and violent after taking a smoke of Mamba.”

“A lot of prisoners are tested for drug use when they get released on licence.”

“They take Mamba so they won’t be sent back to prison for failing a drugs test.”

..then this from USA:

Several deaths in the US have been blamed on Black Mamba, made from dried plants sprayed with engineered chemicals.’

** yet there are still allegations, that these synthetics are apparently ‘less harmful’ than the natural herb ! (an excuse to maintain prohibition)

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