another motive ?

In light of recent news reports, that only about 15% of break & enter house burglaries, in NZ are being resolved.. the Govt. have directed the Police exec. to have officers attend all reported robberies, in future. (seen to be taking ACTION)

A couple of days ago, a police officer knocked on my door, to ‘advise me’ that a house in the neighbourhood had been broken into. The officer said he was just letting the local residents, know this had happened & to keep an eye out for ‘strangers’ wandering around. He also said, the thieves had been caught & the stolen goods recovered & return to the owners. All Good !!

BUT I (& a couple of friends) discussed something, that could be seen as ‘another motive’.. estimates are that about 20% of kiwis use ‘illegal drugs’ (mostly cannabis, but also meth/P). I just wonder how many of these ‘potential offenders’ will be ‘stumbled across’ by these Police officers, attending these robberies & visiting houses in the areas ?

I keep hearing that Police in many OECD countries are turning a ‘blind-eye to personal use’, even in countries like Aotearoa/NZ that still has prohibition. BUT I still hear that many Police (esp. older ones) still take a total ZERO-tolerance approach to ILLEGAL DRUGS.. Cannabis is still, apparently; ‘public enemy #1’ to many cops in NZ !

Only time (& news reports) will tell… :/

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