Media PC

I not only comment on the news items.. that I come across, but also on the public psyche, as I see it:
it is often steered by the voices of the msm (main stream media)

1) depending on whether the reporter is pro OR anti law reform (esp. ‘the herb’) they tend to use either ‘cannabis’ OR ‘marijuana’

2) I’ve even heard reporters calling capsules of CBD oil (for epilepsy): ‘Medical Marijuana’.. therefore adding all the negative stereotyping

3) It still seems that news of a ‘big bust’ still catches the popular attention.. inc. the possibility of ‘gang connections’

4) many still believing the ‘War on Drugs’ is somehow required & therefore cannot be replaced of thrown out ?

5) the law does not actually require change, to allow wider access to medicinal/therapeutic cannabis uses (rongoa), as in; section 8 of the ‘Misuse of Drugs act’ it only requires ‘implementing’. The section lists several exemptions from ‘prohibition’, most are related to doctors being allowed to prescribe ‘drugs’ in the schedule. Unfortunately since it came to light, the minister has stated the ‘raw herb’ in not a medicine & therefore, cannot be prescribed in this form. He has effectively said Big pharma. products only !

6) The passing of Helen, might be sliding out pf view, but I think there is still outrage that she passed, still labelled as a criminal.. it would only have required the minister, to issue a ‘terminally ill exemption from prosecution card’ as in other OECD countries & it would have been resolved.. BUT “no” said the minister.. BASTARD !

* the reality is, that many people’s perceptions are influenced/shaped by the square boxes we stare into.. inc. I&I

….look beyond the mirror.. jah rastafari

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