medical marijuana

I watched a news item on Al Jazeera; the use of the drug (cannabis) in USA, for treating a child with epilepsy.

The mother of the boy, said her son suffered about 100 seizures/day. Then she heard about ‘medical marijuana’ (her words, not mine) & took her son to california. She said he still gets the odd one, but the use of the drug, has hugely reduced the number, he once suffered.

I find it astounding that 28 states now allow med-use; cultivation, process & prescribed use. BUT the federal agency (DEA) still refuse to change the classification of cannabis from Schedule #1 to #2 or #3.
Schedule #1 states ‘most open to abuse & NO known medicinal use/value’ Still effectively illegal in USA (the country)

The obvious anomaly being; it does have known medicinal (therapeutic) use to treat epilepsy, M-S (multiple sclerosis) & other conditions, that the plant was known to be of use for, over 1000s of years !

It is also useful in reducing pain for arthritis & similar joint pain, in elderly people (over 40 years, in general)

SO.. I say “Come on DEA, change the schedule number & END THE WAR on DRUGS”

‘what to do we want ?’ FREEDOM, ‘when do we want it ?’ NOW !! 🙂

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