what’s the priority

I read comments on another site.. someone sez (paraphrase) ‘better to be with a party (with cannabis as just one policy) that is IN parliament, than go out on a limb with a party who see cannabis reform as their main priority’.. at first read, this make absolute sense.. BUT then you have to wonder, how far down the priority list is it & how important is it to any potential voter.

About 30 years ago, there was a big hui (meeting) & reform was discussed, but it just fell into the ‘too hard basket’ & its still there, collecting dust. IF we support the idea above, it maybe another 30 years before someone finally dusts it off & even looks seriously at it. By then, I’m guessing every other OECD country will have already done it. So much for being a ‘world leader’ this is ridiculous NZ 😦

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