Arrests decline ?

I read that NZ Police say they are moving their priority, for drug arrests; stating they are focusing on cultivation & supply, rather than just possession (spec. Cannabis).

The report includes this comment from a senior Police spokesperson:

“Alternative resolutions have been adopted by the police, but they’re applied not only to cannabis, but to a range of offences. It’s not like we’re singling out cannabis.”

It states that arrests for possession in the last year have dropped about 10% on the previous year, BUT arrests for cultivation & supply have increased.

These figures were included:

Proceedings launched for cannabis dealing/trafficking: 705
For manufacturing/cultivating: 1476
For possession/use: 4047

Proceedings launched for cannabis dealing/trafficking: 825
For manufacturing/cultivating: 1533
For possession/use: 3763

The one thing that is not mentioned, that Aotearoa/NZ still does have effective ‘zero-tolerance’ (using Airforce & Navy personnel to bolster the WAR front) policy/approach, where many other OECD countries are moving to decriminalise or legally regulate cannabis, our ‘power brokers’ totally refuse to move in this direction.. even for medicinal use of the herb ! 😦

It would be interesting to compare the current percentages per capita, with say: Australia, Canada, USA, Europe & South America etc. I have read previous reports that clearly show, that NZ not only does have amongst the highest use rates, but also the highest arrest & incarceration rates for ‘cannabis offences’

* according to many commentators, there has been a ‘cannabis drought’, in recent years.. meanwhile Meth/P importation, supply & use is apparently skyrocketing.. flooding across the borders, almost unchecked ?!

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